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I am attempting to drive two motors on a mobile robot platform quite slowly via a roboteq 2550 controller. Using the roborun application I have configured the acceleration to be the slowest rate, the power profile to be strong exponential and the dead band to be quite large. I then reset the controller and used the final page to drive the robot via the joystick. The results are disappointing because the changes of the configuration seem to have no effect on the actual performance of the drive?

I am using the drive in open loop mode. I have tried using both R/C control and ASCII control, I am not sure if this makes a difference?

I also tried adjusting the min/max joystick settings without any change in behavior?

Can you suggest how I can use these configuration options?


Mark Norman

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19 years 6 months ago #1805817 by cosma
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For this kind of testing, use the Roborun utility.

First check that the exponential correction is having an effect. In the Run tab, look at the Command value and compare it to the Power value. If you have a 1 for 1 relationship regardless of the exponent setting, then somehow the setting did not get stored in the controller.

Deadband only has an effect in RC mode and gives you a more or less joystick range where nothing happens. It doesn't change the max speed that can be reached at full joystick position. In RS232 there is no deadband.

Acceleration will not help you either because it only controls how fast the motor speed changes and is 0.5s from 0 to max.

You should be able to control you motors very low in speed either way.


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