AX1500 analog voltage input at startup

13 years 20 hours ago #20635052 by billc
I am using the AX1500 controller in position feedback analog mode. When I turn on the controller I will present an analog input voltage of .5 volts. I need the controller to retract the linear motor to it's associated ~minimum length. Right now the controller requires that I set the analog voltage to 2.5 volts (actuator mid point) then I can reduce it to .5 volts. I need to skip the step of the 2.5 volts if possible.

Let me state this another way... I wish to have the controller turn off and on with the actuator at it's minimum travel point and I would like to not have to change my existing analog control signal if possible.

Any Ideas?



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13 years 2 hours ago #20645775 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:AX1500 analog voltage input at startup
The current firmware does not allow you to do this. If you put 0.5V on the analog input at power up, nothing will happen until the voltage is moved to 2.5V.

Making it work the way you need would require a modification to the firmware, so that the 2.5V at power up can be disabled. We'll look into this.

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