AX0500 Operation

15 years 8 months ago #28324405 by RickBrooks
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I have just started using an AX0500SC in an autonomous vehicle. When going from high speed to zero speed the vehicle seems to coast down to a stop.

Other Roboteq controllers that I have used (AX2500, AX2550, and AX1500SC) appear to brake to a stop, not the AX0500SC. Is this normal behavior for the AX0500SC?

Also, in the AX0500 manual, figure 10 on page 28 appears different from figure 11 on page 29. In figure 10 M1- is to the right of M1+, while figure 11 shows M1+ to the right of M1-. I think that my AX0500 board is marked like figure 10, but the wiring for single channel operation in figure 11 is correct. Since I've used the AX1500SC, this did cause some confusion.

Rick Brooks

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15 years 8 months ago #28342223 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:AX0500 Operation
The AX500 driver will not do regenerative braking and so you observed correctly that it will coast down to the lower speed. This is a limitation of the design.

In the comparison table at , this difference is mentionned in the "Synchronous Rectification" line.

The channel marking on the PCB is correct

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