Does the AX2850HESC provide single motor and dual motor control?

14 years 6 months ago #29525074 by br549
The AX2850HESC specifies 1h & more at 120A. I have a single motor for an EV motorcycle that this would work perfect for.

I\'m also working an a dual motor robot project that I\'d like to operate with the AX2850HESC (a single motor controller). I\'d like to take the controller off the motorcycle and mount it on the robot for testing. Does the AX2850HESC controller support both single and dual mode?

The documentation states:

Dual Channel or Single Channel [All Products]
All controllers may be ordered in Dual or Single Channel versions. The Single Channel controllers are identical to the Dual Channel except that the output transistors of both channels are perfectly synchronized and thus allow the motor output leads to be wired in parallel and thus drive twice the amps into a single load.

Just want to make sure before I purchase the AX2850HESC, based on the above can I wire the AX2850HESC to control two motors? Does it work just like the AX2850HE?

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14 years 5 months ago #29525075 by cosma
There is a jumper inside the controller that you will need to remove to operate in dual channel and put back to return to single channel.

The manual shows where it is and how to do this.

You will just need to be extremely careful that if you have the jumper removed while you have the motor wires still paired, this can destroy the controller.

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