Help on time base value and Encoder data log problem

13 years 11 months ago #29525189 by dlauria85

it\'s the first time for me dealing with encoder and controllers. I have an AX1500 that is driving a linear actuator (DC motor 24 V MAX RPM 7500 with 2048 PPR encoder mounted on the leadscrew shaft). I cannot understand very well how to set up the time base value in Roborun. From what I read on the manual, I should know \"a priori\" the max speed of the shaft I\'m measuring the speed of, in order to calculate the timebase value. But what if I don\'t know the max speed?

Another issue I have is with the Log: when running in RS232 mode (closed loop), in the later saved CSV file the Encoder column is not present.

Thanks for your help

Davide Lauria

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