Can I select analog inputs for position mode.

12 years 1 day ago #29525297 by Michael Burton
I am making a very large robot. I want to use analog 3 and 4 for feedback in serial ,r/c and analog command modes. I know I can use an external switch to change from analog 1,2 to 3,4 but was wondering if it could be selected by some other means and made permanent.

The AX3500 is in position mode for motor A and B with analog position feedback.

It works as long as I stay in analog command mode. If I switch to rs232 or R/C the feedback and joystick are wired into the wrong places.

Reversion to the previous mode may be required based on situation. I just don\'t want to change the feedback each time the command mode is changed.

Phase 1 The robot will carry a passenger using an analog joystick for control.
Phase 2 R/C
Phase 3 computer automation.

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11 years 11 months ago #29525307 by Roboteq
If you set the controller in analog mode with analog feedback, then feedback needs to be connected to ana 3 and ana 4.

You can use RS232 mode and keep the feedback on ana 3 and ana 4 but to do this, you must keep the controller in analog mode and switch to the RS232 mode by sending 10x CR characters.

However, on all AXnnnn controllers, in RC mode, the feedback will always be on ana1 and ana2.

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