Question about VBL1650

13 years 4 months ago #29525343 by giantpt
Hello guys, I am new around here...

I have just bought a VBL1650 controller for a different project than usual and I would like to know if it is capable to one particular thing, so, I count with your help.

Basically what I am building is a motorized camera dolly the moves in a rail forward and backwards with different speeds and it is operated on the fly, the thing is that the rail has 2 finish points where the dolly must stop, otherwise it will jump of the rail and get damaged. I would like to know if, independently of the speed it is running on the rail, the controller knows that in that point the dolly has to be stopped.

I know that there are the finish switchers but, as far as I understand, once it passes through the switch, it will instantly stop. What I am looking for is something like this but having a deceleration smoothness.

I think that is important to say that I am working with a brushless motor with Hall sensor.

I am posting a 3D image of the project for you to better understand what is it about.

Thank you

Best regards

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