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12 years 10 months ago #29525815 by giantpt
Looking for a script was created by giantpt

I have a Roboteq 1230 and I am really satisfied with it to controll my 2 motors.

I am looking for a script the can act in both motors to filter them, I wonder to have 3 functions

- Smoothnes:
This would control the acceleration/deceleration speed using a pot.
This variation would be between 500rpm/s (min) to 7000rpm/s (max)

- Speed:
Using another pot to pitch the the joystick orders in a range of 100% (max) to 30% (min).

- Inverter:
Using a on/off switch I must be able to invert the polarity of both motors. CW <-> CCW

How can I do a script like this?
I don\'t understand about scripting, I have been searching all over the net but I found nothing.

Thank you

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