Adding an auxiliary kill switch that references R/C signal loss

12 years 7 months ago #29526099 by wstuck
I am using an AX2550 controller to operate a gas powered off-road vehicle. The AX2550 works great to control the steering, throttle and brakes. The problem is that there is no good safety setup to kill the gas powered engine if the R/C signal is lost. I realize that if I was controlling electric drive motors the AX2550 would shut off the motors when the R/C signal was lost. In my case this is not safe because the throttle is being controlled by a servo that could be stopped at an unwanted condition if the R/C signal is lost.

I would like to find out if any of the signal pins could be used to sink or trigger a relay circuit that would operate an engine kill switch. Internally the AX2550 knows when the R/C signal is active but is this information available externally?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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