SDC 2130 in position mode stuck the motor and no error on Robotun +

11 years 1 month ago #29526869 by soumyadandekar

I am using SDC 2130 in position mode. When configure in position mode and if i move the slider slowly it is working fine. But if i move the slider fast the motor stuck and then i need to shut down all the power or reset the controller then only it is working.How i can change the position with high velocity? or change the position with different velocity?
I Also tried command ^mmod 3 (to change the mode)
%eesav (to save the config in eeprom)
and !p 1 1000 but if i give the command from !p 1 1000 to !p 1 1100 it is working fine but if the command !p 1 1100
to !p 1 100 the motor stuck. i have check the current and it is maximum 2 Amp and the current limit i ahve set 15 Amp and my power supply is 27 Amp @24 volt.
I have face same problem with SDC 2450 . Please let me know what is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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