SDC2130 Encoder zero in closed loop position relative

11 years 1 month ago #29526873 by ehtrinkl

I have a motion platform that uses two SDC2130 motor controllers to control 4 motors in closed loop position mode using encoder feedback. I also have potentiometers on each of the motor output shafts so I have an absolute measurement. What is the best way to position the motors relative to the absolute position to set a \"home\" position? For example, if the power is cycled on the controller (encoders now \"zeroed\") and the motor is not in the correct absolute position, how do I rotate the motors to the correct position , set the commanded position to zero, and retain the full control of -1000 to 1000? I\'ve tried to zero the counters on the encoders but this causes a jump in the motor position.


Eddy Trinklein
Research Engineer
Michigan Technological University

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11 years 1 month ago #29526879 by roboteq
Best is to operate the controller in open loop and move the motor to the desired position. Then send the home command to make the counter load the 0 value (0 by default but it can be another value). Then swtich to closed loop mode.

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