Sdc2150s encoder frequency - missing counts Help!

11 years 6 months ago #29526939 by JAm1
Hi i am using my roboteq sdc2150s to control my motor which can go up to approx. 8000 rpm and i have an encoder of 500ppr (2000cpr). Here\'s what im doing:

1. I load the home counter
2. I use the sdc2150s to chain preset position commands
3. I go back to the home position

After i go back to the home position, i notice that my current home has deviated from the original home position. As i repeat another set of chained position commands my home continuously deviates from its orginal position. Its as if the error builds up as i go on. I can only conclude that the sdc2150 misses encoder counts and it cannot accomodate the frequency of the encoders at max speed. However, Ive read from the datasheet that the sdc2150 can handle up to 1mhz frequency of encoder counts in the single channel firmware so this would mean sdc can handle a motor rated at 8000rpm and 2000cpr encoder with no problems. Is there any problems with my set up? Or am i doing anything wrong?

Any help is appreciated

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11 years 6 months ago #29526945 by cosma
If you are using the single channel version of the SDC2150, then make sure that you have the pulse inputs disabled.

What is the revision date of your firmware?

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