RC1 channel does not work!

11 years 9 months ago #29527301 by marcusbarnet

I\'ve bought a MDC2250 motor controller and I tried to interface it with my Futaba receiver.
I connected my receiver to MDC2250 pin4 and pin8 but I noticed that I can read pulses only from RC2 and not also from RC1.
My receiver works great and with the same connections I\'m able to read pulses from RC1 and RC2 from my SDC2130 and SDC2150 controllers.

Is it possible that RC1 radio input is broken on my MDC2250 controller?

What I have to do to configure one other pin (for example, RC4 or RC5) to act as pulse input and not as analog input? May be, RC1 channel is broken, but I can still use the other RC channels but I have to configure them before to use them. I just need to use two RC channels in total.

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