How to control the driver power up

10 years 9 months ago #29527691 by marcusbarnet
As you know we are using two SDC2150, a HDC2450 and a MDC2250 for our mobile robot which is quite finished.

We are using a C/C++ application on Linux to read information from all your motor drivers and we are using the HDC2450 to drive two DC motors by RC pulses.

We use a single push button to power up both the drivers and the operating system at the same time: the problem is that drivers start before the loading of the entire operating system and in particular before the C/C++ application and so user can drive the robot with RC pulses even if the application has not started yet.

We want to avoid this situation since we must run the C/C++ application to verify if everything is OK and we want to control the robot by RC pulses only after this operation.

Is it possible to start the RC pulses driving only after the C/C++ application loading?

Do I have to use a script?

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