Questions About MDC2230 Motor Controller

9 years 1 week ago #29527711 by Martin Cheung
Hi Roboteq,

My name is Martin and I am currently participating in a university student project call NASA Lunabotics. I am planning to use the MDC2230 Motor Controller to drive and control motors for a robot and I have a few questions:

1) Does it have TTL output? I have searched through the datasheet and user manual and cannot find anything on it, although the website mentions it.

2) Does it have a motor current sensor? What is the output format for this?

3) Could I have some suggestions on how actually to control the motors? What signals we should be giving the motor and from what microcontroller may be compatible?
Our current options are Arduino via RS232, Arduino via Analog and BeagleBoard via USB.
Would you be able to suggest some issues that may arise with these options?

4) If going through Arduino, will we have performance issues? We will be a Beagleboard and Arduino, so will the response time be sufficiently quick to go from the Beagleboard to the Arduino to the motor controller and back?

5) Is there any Arduino support for the motor controller? libraries etc?

If you could help me out with any of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou very much,

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9 years 1 week ago #29527713 by roboteq
Replied by roboteq on topic Re:Questions About MDC2230 Motor Controller
The controller does not have a TTL output. Only RS232.

The current and ohter operating parameters can only be read from Serial or USB

You can command the motor via Serial, USB, Analog, or a 1.0ms-2.0ms pulse. Serial is the best. Pulse is preferred to analog because it is immune to noise and more precise.

The controller will respond within 1ms of receiving a command.

We do not have any arduino support.

Look at the users manual for more details on communication protocol

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9 years 6 days ago #29527715 by showmanel
Replied by showmanel on topic Re:Questions
очень интересно

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