getting started with CANOpen and SDC2150N

10 years 10 months ago #29528347 by f.esposito
Hi All,

is there a step by step tutorial on how to set up CanOpen using Roborun+?

because immediately after saving new configuration to the controller:
- Can Mode: CANOpen
- NodeID: 1
- Bit Rate: 500
- Heartbeat: 1000
- Autostart: enabled

the following messages are shown:
- Controller has been lost
- Controler found. Do you want to read controller configuration?

if you choose "yes" the new setting is discarded and CANOpen is disabled (Notice that I'm using CAN and RS232 but as far as I know they should not interfere one with each other.

Please, notice that this is not an electrical issue, because if you use MINICan instead, my sniffer (PCAN-USB) receive messages from SDC2150N correctly.


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