SDC 2150 closed loop speed

9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #29528718 by bartdereu
Hi all,

i'm trying to let a robot run with 2 wheelchair motors. I could explain what he has to
do but here he is (with a previous arduino - MD03 controller combination who failed :-)

Maybe explain : if the robot pushes against the wall , the amps go op on both motors
but i want to be sure the robot is actually standing still by measuring the wheel speed
and see if it dropped to 0. In that case, the robot runs backwards , makes a 45° right turn
and continues along the wall. My experience is that amp-measuring alone (like i did on the
arduino) was not enough, it happened more then once that if the robot had to work hard, he
made an unexpected turn too soon - and on the other hand, if i increased the amp limit, it
happened that he was pushing against the wall and made wheels slip causing a endless loop.

The problem i have is that i want to work with a closed loop speed mode but i'm left in the
open on how to implement it.. I could add optical aprroach switches on the tooth wheel
of the main wheel. Problem is that the main wheel runs pretty slow. And i don't have the
opportunity to add hi speed encoders to the motors itself. Any ideas for that ? Do i just
have to write a script that measures the time between each tooth recognition? and if it
goes beyond lets say 2 seconds, and the amps go above 6 , i could make a turn. Are there
any samples of microbasic scripts for that?

thanks allot for any help .

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9 years 8 months ago #29528721 by Griffin Baker
Replied by Griffin Baker on topic SDC 2150 closed loop speed
We don't have any sample scripts that do what you are looking to accomplish. What is the current being currently used? How much of a change over in amps are needed to require a different motor command? Granted, your script would have to query some information, and upon receiving certain information, changes to the motor command can be made.

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