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9 years 5 months ago #29529043 by cadomanis
Is there a current version of the CANopen EDS files that matches the desciption in the manual? When I open the current file, I seem to get the older definitions where the PDOs were mapped to specific internal vales as opposed to the user variables? Also, is each PDO 32its total - thus 2 16bit user variables, or 64bits total- thus 2 32bit variables?



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9 years 5 months ago #29529044 by cadomanis
Replied by cadomanis on topic Updated CANopen EDS
I did some testing this morning and have more/different questions?

1) What PDO mapping is correct. If I use the mapping as explained in the manual (0x182,0x282 for node 2) the slave reports errors on statrup about the SDOs not reading back correctly for the PDO setup. I then let my master scan the device, which seem to have the correct adresses ( 0x1a2,0x2a2). Is there somewhere a document or file that really explaines what the proper PDO mapping is?

2) I was able to get TXPDO1 and RxPDO1 seemingly working. These both scanned in as being 8 bytes long with 2 DINT variables. They also seem to map corredtly to VAR1, VAR2 and VAR9,VAR10. I had no problems writing to VAR9 and VAR10. however I never saw and change in the TxPDOs values despite the fact that VAR1 and VAR2 were changing in my controller. Is this a result of the CTPS command? If I never set that comand, will those values just never update?

3) I also couldn;t seemingly get TXPDO2-4 and RxPDO2-4 to work at all? When they scan in by my master, they seem to all present a 5byte sized variable, yet they should each be 8 bytes. Again, this seems like a dictionary problem?

Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. I have been using MiniCan, but and concerned about some errant values I seem to get occasionally in the drive, and so had hoped to switch to full CANopen so that I would have better diagnostics on my master.

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