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9 years 4 months ago #29529240 by rajeshwar
!G command was created by rajeshwar
While using !G 1 1000 or !G 2 -500 command it is observed that in some cases, both motors started to rotate whereas command is issued for only one channel.

It is also observed that even if the command is given for either of two channels, only motor connected to a particular channel is rotating.

The same problem does not arise if I use !M 100 100 command.

What could be the possible cause and remedy for it?

Also, the motor controller does not differentiate between this "!G 1 1000 " and this "!G 1 1000AS456FHSA ".

If It is possible, every command,query,response can be associated with MOTOR_CONTROLLER_ID to differentiate between multiple motor controllers used in one system.

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9 years 4 months ago #29529244 by Griffin Baker
Replied by Griffin Baker on topic !G command
Have you disabled the watchdog timer?


We'll have to look into the issue of the controller accepting the !G 1 1000AS456FHSA.

If you are using multiple controllers, it is recommended that you operate them using the can bus line. You'd write a script for how the each controller uses the data received on the line to control a particular output.

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9 years 3 months ago #29529248 by rajeshwar
Replied by rajeshwar on topic !G command
Thanks Griffin. But the thing is, I have not disabled the watchdog timer and I need the watchdog timer in my system. I dont want to see my motors running without any command given to them.

I have gone through the link you provided and it has cleared a lot of confusion. Still, the same problem do not occur with !M command. I will try disabling the watchdog but then I have to device some other methods to stop the motors while they dont accept any commands.

I have to use RS-232 for communication with my multiple drives. If, anything can be done to associate an ID with motor controller, it will be much appreciated.

Thanks again,


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