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Hi There,

Three questions involving the MDC 2230 motor controller.

I am trying to programme the motor controller to drive two motors in a differential drive setup up using the mixed mode available on the software, just like in the PDF describing the implementation of an AGV. I have used a large portion of this code from the PDF as I have never had experience with MicroBasic before, the PDF describes that the motor controller should be in Mixed Mode one and using the code below to drive and steer the vehicle:

setcommand(_G, 1, Throttle)
setcommand(_G, 2, Steering)

This causes the AGV to steer like a tank but not move forward when it is centred using the magsensor, rather only when the tape is moved off centre do the motors turn? (See Graph from RoboRun+) I have not run it on the ground yet but surely if the sensor finds centre then the AGV will stop? Is this the same code that was implemented on the AGV in the link below?

The second question is how does one put the motor controller into AutoStart? Everytime I am needing to do testing I am needing to use RoboRun+ and run script for it to begin.
Lastly, is there a way to change any inputs to be outputs instead, I require more than two outputs that it has been configured with in the RoboRun+ Interface.

Appreciate any input


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You enable script in the configuration tab under startup menu.

The sample microbasic script file that is in our downloads section is the same one we give to all customers. It requires the user to modify and build from that script.

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