SBL1360 8pin header function / pinout

9 years 4 months ago #29529934 by Herman
There is a 8 pin single row header on the SBL1360 Brushless DC Motor Controller.

I can't find any documentation on that except for the 2 pin header on the board.

What is the function of the 8 pin header ?
Could you give a pin assignment ?

I would like to connect an encoder and home sensor (ENCA/B + DINx) to this header so I don't have to modify the standard serial connection cable connected to the DB15 I/O connector.

You also offer RS232 via USB, but I don't like to use that to solve my connection problem.
My application doesn't have USB support and USB is not prefered in noisy environments.

Regards, Herman

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9 years 4 months ago #29529935 by TechSupport
The 8 pin header is used strictly during manufacturing (jtag header); therefore from the consumer side, it is not something you can use for any other purpose.

You can use a serial RS232 connection via a serial to usb converter. The encoder must be connected via the proper connections via the DB15 I/O connector.

If you for whatever reason decide to connect via 8 pin header, you may/will cause serious damage to the controller and we firmwly advise against it.
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