bldc hubmotor quick setupguide for dummies

7 years 8 months ago #29532332 by Erik
1- make sure you enter the right polenumber (turn the motors 1 full round and use the countings/6)

2- make sure both motors drive the same way (or invert the direction of 1)

3- make sure the hallcounters count the same direction.

4- Closed loop settings: Set the P-gain to 0....set the I-gain to 1....set the D-gain to 0...set the integrator limit to 50%

5- set Speed and acceleration to: Max rpm= 100.....set acceleration and deceleration to 10 rpm

This should give you a working configuration (in tank steering mode3)...for me it works...feel free to improve this setup guide for dummies and have fun.
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7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 8 months ago #29532340 by Erik
6- try the PID gains out but don;t set the P-gain at any value! When i do that and turn on my controller the motors make very loud bangs at startup which even made them break the robothousing. (My housing is a heavy duty box/systainer from the brand Festool, used for construction powertools in construction).

Also don't use the integrator for more than 75%, it makes the motors to stop working and producing weird noises sometimes...

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