Bear Attack simulator limit switch problem

6 years 3 weeks ago #29532873 by larry
I'm building a bear attack simulator using the MDC 1460 controller. The motor is at the head of the track driving a rope and pulley system which is attached to the dolly with the bear on top. I want to place a forward limit switch on the track to prevent the dolly from crashing at the end of the track. The problem is the limit switch will only be depressed momentarily as the dolly travels past the switch. The problem is once the switch is released the motor can start up again. What I want is once the forward limit switch is tripped it stops the power to the motor allowing it to coast to a stop and only allows operation in reverse direction regardless whether the switch is released or tripped again as it's moving back to the start of the track. Do I need to write script to make this happen? I have no idea who to do this so any help would be appreciated.

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6 years 3 weeks ago #29532877 by blake
Hello Larry,

You are correct, the limit switch configuration is rather simple in that it will shut off the motor when high but return to moving when low. To do what you describe you will need to use a small script.

Essentially you will monitor the digital input that your switch is on and when high give a motor command to stop the motor completely and return the command value to zero. You can also include something to only allow the motor to rotate in one specific direction after a limit switch has been triggered.

We do have some sample scripts available on our website in the . Download Center

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