Dual Channel Feedback Control not the same, HBL 2360

6 years 13 hours ago #29532927 by scottyw
Hello everyone,

I have an HBL 2360 Roboteq controller that has been setup to drive two brushless dc motors with hall effect sensors. The motors have the same rating and are very similar. When the motors are set in open loop, they perform very similarly. However, when set in closed loop speed position mode, the motors no longer run similarly. When run at the same speed, Channel two is about 1.5 x faster than Channel 1. This occurs if i swap the motors around, Channel 2 is always faster. Channel 1 operates as expected, at the right set speed. I fear there may be a dodgy connection to Channel 2 hall effect feedback, and have checked my wiring. Any solution ideas? Thanks heaps

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