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6 years 3 months ago #29532944 by mpthompson

I'll soon be starting a project where we are looking to use many SBL1360 controllers operating in many modes on a single robot. I had a few questions to confirm information in the SBL1360 datasheet and user manual.

1. Does the SBL1360 support the RoboCAN protocol? The datasheet indicates, CANOpen and the proprietary MiniCAN and RawCAN. I was hoping the features of SBL1360 might have been updated to support the meshed network.

2. If the SBL1360 doesn't support RoboCAN, what is the best way to get up to speed on implementing some sort of motor control protocol over CAN using MicroBasic scripts? Are there videos or additional documentation that covers the basics?

3. When operating in a "Closed Loop Position Tracking" mode, does the SBL1360 support an absolute magnetic encoder which outputs a PWM signal where the duty cycle is proportional to the position of the encoder. Specifically, I'm interested in the following type of encoder operation in PWM mode:

What configuration parameters should I be looking to set to support such an absolute position encoder as input to the close loop PID? You can point me to specific manual pages/sections to read.

That should do it for now.



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6 years 3 months ago #29532947 by blake
Hello Mike, thanks for your interest in our motor controllers. Please allow me to answer your questions in turn:

1) Yes, the SBL1360 does in fact support RoboCAN, all of our current products will support RoboCAN. Thank you for bringing our attention to this being missing in the datasheet, we will get that corrected.

2) RoboCAN is available

3) The SBL1360 does not support absolute encoders. For the position control you will either need to use the Hall sensors already built into the motor ,this is simplest as the hall sensors are already connected to the motor controller and used for commutation. Or you will need to use an incremental encoder with a single ended quadrature signals.

That being said, I would like to inform you that we will soon be releasing a new dual channel version of this SBL, it is called our SBL2360. This new controller is capable of sinusoidal commutation using absolute sensors, specifically a SSI or SinCos sensor. This is what I would recommend if you do need to use an absolute position sensor.

The SBL2360 is not yet available but the current controller that we do offer that has have similar capabilities that the SBL2360 will have is our FBL2360.

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6 years 3 months ago #29532949 by mpthompson

Thank you for the quick and detailed answers. It's good to know that RoboCAN is an option on the SBL1360.

Also, we are looking at the FBL2360 because it may be easier to mount in our application given it's in a plastic and metal container. So let me ask you the same question about the FBL2360.

Does the FBL2360 have different absolute encoder options? For instance, does the FBL2360 support absolute encoders with a PWM output as linked below? What about the same encoder, but the analog version where the absolute position is output as a voltage between 0v and 5v?

Or, is it limited to just a SSI or SinCos sensors for absolute positioning?



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6 years 3 months ago #29532950 by mpthompson
Hi Blake,

Concerning the SBL1360, although it doesn't support absolute position encoders, the datasheet indicates the following: "Closed loop position control with encoder, analog or pulse/frequency feedback". This indicates we can implement absolute position control if we use an analog signal (ie. potentiometer voltage divider) to indicate absolute position. Correct?

Unfortunately, the datasheet is a bit ambiguous as to how position control is implemented on the SB1360. It would be best if it described the specific modes from the user guide that are implemented in the SBL1360.

Thanks for your help.


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