CAN open on SBL 1360

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Dear All,

I am using SBL 1360 to run a BLDC motor with CAN open configuration. Before proceeding to CAN open, I have check all the h/w connections and operated the motor with USB cable(Serial). The motor is running properly and Hall counts are coming nice.

After this, I have configured the roboteq driver for settings of CAN open with 500kbps baud, node id, heartbeat and autostart enabled. I have also terminated the node with a 120 ohm resistor and I am using a USB to CAN converter to driver the motor with CAN open.

When I power on the roboteq driver with CAN, I am able to see the heartbeat messages every second on my CAN utility, but when I send a packet of CAN open to read Battery voltage or move the motor with proper SDO , i am getting an error in the D0 byte as 128(0x10000000) as CCS (client command specifier).

Referring to what has been given in the below link,

In SDO example 3, I am getting 128 (0x10000000) in the Byte0 and no data in Bytes (4 to 7) Payload as a response from the controller.

As shown in the SBL 13xx manual , it states the response from the controller with 8 in CCS is a Packet Error.

I am unable to identify the ERROR, PLEASE shed some light on this where I am going wrong.


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6 years 2 months ago #29533015 by niko
Replied by niko on topic CAN open on SBL 1360
Please send us the controllers configuration file. Furthermore we assume you use some kind of CAN analyzer or CAN sniffer. We shall need a log in order to monitor the CAN traffic.

Send us these files in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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