Closed Loop Speed - Sensorless Setup (FBL2360)

5 years 7 months ago #29533077 by mito365
I am trying to setup FBL2360 controller for sensorless "Closed Loop Speed" control. I intend on using the controller for the T200 thruster. For testing the configuration I am using a hobby BLDC motor instead.

Please suggest how to configure the settings in the Motor Control Utility to enable closed loop speed control. I have no trouble running open loop speed control but once I switch over the operating mode to "Closed Loop Speed" and give a +10 input in through the command slider, the "Motor Power" is driven to 1000 very quickly (couple of seconds). I switched to use the Hobby BLDC instead of the thruster because of this sudden acceleration. Please refer to the screen shot for reference. On stopping, the motor is slowly decelerated to a stop.

I set P=0;I=1;D=0 as instructed in the manual. Please refer to the attached configuration set while running the above test and suggest necessary changes.

Thank you.

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5 years 7 months ago #29533084 by Erik
I had the same issues, motors going from 0 to full speed but also breaking very sudden. It went so abrupt that my robotcase even cracked from it or the robot was driving full speed through the livingroom (it weighs about 40 kg).

Did you upgrade the software already to V1.07 or maybe even V1.08 like there is now (i recently read).

You also have to check if the motorcounter counts the right way around...

But the bottom line is that closed loop speed mode doesn't work at all on a FBL2360, Roboteq won't confirm that though and would rather let this forum overflow with posts like this.
I wasted weeks of my time on issues with erratic motors and finally the problem was in the firmware which got upgraded and after that my motors run well.

I even stopped using the fbl2360 for 6 months now to learn from this forum about all the issues i can expect to get. This controller has to be tested first and also the manual is far from good.

It works well though if the setup is done correct.

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5 years 7 months ago #29533085 by mito365
I heard from Roboteq support. FBL2360's current firmware (V1.8) doesn't support closed loop speed control in sensorless mode. I was informed it is in the works and the beta should be available in a month, latest. I am also considering adding a magnetic encoder to test FOC and sinusoidal control. The objective is maximum efficiency.

@Erik: Sorry to hear about your robot. I was testing my thruster in a special jig to ensure it was operating properly. The VESC open source motor controllers build by Benjamin Vedder for Electric Skateboards has good sensorless closed loop speed control in FOC mode no less. Had to go with it to stay on schedule with our development. It did not disappoint. The newer VESC 6 is said to be even better.

Roboteq's RoboRun utility is very user-friendly and intutive compared to their competitors though.

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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #29533086 by Erik
Well i tried the sensored mode for closed loop speed but gave up on it. Closed loop speed position mode is what i use now, the motors never give buzzing noises in this mode.
My motors have hallsensors and those work fine.

Test your motor in the jig untill it all works perfect...uncontrolled motors can be very dangerous.
Myself i still didn't test the V1.8 firmware, that's why i'm reading here on the forum to see if it all works well before i install it.

I remember that V1.06 firmware changed the counter-settings by itself while flashing to the controller. So that caused the erratic was an issue in the firmware which got upgraded to V1.07 by the roboteqteam, after that the issue was fixed but i didn't test well with the new firmware since i;m abroad for a while now.

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5 years 7 months ago #29533087 by mito365
Try changing the control mode to FOC if the motors are making a lot of noise. FOC should decrease the noise level noticeably.
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