SDC-2130 Position control in Torque Mode on Robotic-Arm

6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #29533119 by kishan3108
So I am currently using Roboteq SDC 2130 to control my 2 links robotic arm. Now after getting close loop count position mode with Serial TTL communication, Now we want to control the torque and position. Right now the approach we are taking is first we set the encoder high or low limit and we configured the max count to be 'Forward Limit Switch', so the motor reaches there and stops. And it is working with encoder limits approch, we are restricting the position, and with '!G 1 X_', we are controlling torque. Now this is obviously not the best approach, as well as motor sleeps many times after the limit and as it is not close loop, It is not able to correct its position.

So, Is there any way I can control torque and position together? Or anyone had done that previously?

Thank You.

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