Latency to reach desired duty cycle value on motor output

6 years 7 months ago #29533144 by Yann21

I would like to know how to reduce the time needed to reach a desired duty cycle value on the motor output.
Please see the attached screenshot :
At first the duty cycle (purple signal) is defined to 10%. When the yellow signal goes high, a command for 90% duty cycle is set.
We can observe that the duty cycle is progressively increased to reach 90%: it take ~8ms to reach the desired value.

My hardware is a SDC1230 and I set max speed to 10 rpm and accelleration/decelleration to 50'000 rpm/s (I think that is the best parameter).
It's not a problem with my script. This problem is present whatever the method of command (RS232, PWM input). I think that is a limitation on the software to protect the harware.

It is possible to reduce this latency?

Thanks for your answer, regards.


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