Trying to Control Positioning Time

5 years 11 months ago - 5 years 11 months ago #29533231 by mdixon
I am trying to control the amount of time the controller takes to move from position -1,000 to position +1,000.
Turns min to max is 6.66. Position Velocity is 100 rpm. Max rpm is 3600 rpm. Acceleration and Deceleration are at 40,000.

With these settings I expect a motion time of:
Motion Time = (TurnsMinToMax / PositionVelocity) * 60 = (6.66 / 100) * 60 = 4 seconds

And I find this works as expected. However, I would also expect that if I changed the Position Velocity to 50 rpm the motion time should change to 8 seconds.
I tried this and the motion time stayed at 4 seconds. If I go the other way, set Position Velocity to 200 rpm, I see the expected motion time of 2 seconds.
The only way I found to increase Motion Time beyond 4 seconds was to change (i.e. fake) the TurnsMinToMax. If I double it, the motion time will double.

I'm not understanding why it works this way. I want to be able to set longer motion times without faking the TurnsMinToMax. Any help would be appreciated.

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