Question about MBL1660 connectors

5 years 7 months ago #29533240 by jwatte
I'm currently using a RC "hobby" brushless motor controller for a sensored brushless motor. (
I am generating the control signals using a Teensy 3.2 Freescale microcontroller board.
However, it doesn't drive the motor as evenly at low speeds as I'd like. I also have to manually tap into the sensor wires to get feedback on how fast and how far the motor is running.
The motor is rated at 120A max at 15V; I'm driving it with 12V.

I'd like to use 3.3V TTL UART, or CAN, to read/write the controller instead of hobby PWM signals.
I'd also like to read back the current counter of the encoders, and use PID control for driving the motor at slow RPM.
It sounds like the MBL1660 would be the appropriate controller for this application?
Would there be any benefit of the MBL1660A in a sensored application?

If so, what additional wiring do I need to integrate with a CAN bus or TTL UART, and the hobby-style sensor connector?
(This is the cable, using 6-pin JST ZH connector AFAICT:

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5 years 6 months ago #29533300 by jwatte
I'm still wondering what connectors and/or harnesses I need to buy, and which ones I may need to make myself, and if so, which harnesses would serve as good donors to cut up.

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