Motor Configurations for HDC2460

6 years 7 months ago #29533287 by ARDore
Help would be incredible!

I have a mobile platform, using two motors operating a wheel on each side.
Command is sent by an analog joystick. Movement required is forward, reverse and steering.

The Controller installed is an HDC2460 dual channel.
The motors are: Permanent Magnet motor, 1 HP, 3000 RPM, 24VDC, 37 Amps.
My Electric system supply are four(4) 6Volt batteries in series = 24volts

So far, using Roborun + PC Utility, I'd been able to make each motor spin both ways, one at a time in Mixing Seperate and Open Loop mode. But never full speed because the Amps would go to high and end up stopping my motor. I don'T know if my configurations are quite right since I find it difficult understanding how to set certain values.

Also, since yesterday I've been trying to test them while monitoring(with Roborun + connected via USB) with different configurations and now as soon as I try to send a command the controller loses the connection with my PC.

If someone could help me figure out what I'm doing wrong or have any advice I would appreciate it.

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