Negative Current

5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #29533558 by wbrownroboteq
I am using an SBL1360 controller driving a BLDC motor.

I am trying to determine the average power the motor is consuming, to help come up with heat generation numbers. (I want to stay under the motor mfr recommended power rating).

My questions are:
1) Are negative currents reported for both Motor and Battery during regen?
2) Can I safely ignore those values when computing power into the motor (heat)?
3) I cannot seem to find this explicitly defined, but is the most accurate way to compute instantaneous motor power as :: PWM * Vbatt * (Ibatt / PWM) ? (and in doing this, would I ignore negative current values for purposes of heat generation?)

EDIT: I will note that at low PWM values, including zero, the battery (not motor) current shows negative... up to 1A negative with the motor basically drawing no power and not being back-driven. Is it possible that the fundamental accuracy of the built-in current measurement has an error/offset?


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