Controller Parameters not saved after power cycle

6 years 2 weeks ago #29533678 by clehnert

I'm using an SDC2160 to control two drive motors for a robotic base platform. Last week the controller decided to not function properly causing the platform to spin on the spot erroneously. After investigating the problem and using USB to load the controller parameters in the RoboRun software it appears that the controller parameters which were originally configured with 2 encoders in closed loop speed control have somehow changed to closed loop position tracking with the encoders configured to some very odd values including negative and different CPR for each encoder.

After modifying the controller parameters back to closed loop speed control and setting the encoders to their appropriate settings the base platform resumes operating correctly. I then use the Roborun software to save the parameters to the controller. However after a power cycle to check the parameters have been saved they are not. The controller reboots and use the Roborun software to load from the controller and they are back to closed loop position tracking with incorrect encoder settings.

Any help would be appreciated in regards to fixing this issue. I'm trying to run a public demo of the platform in two days.

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