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I'm looking for an example explaining how to use a 2 channel controller in mixed mode.

Let's say I have a forward speed of 2 m/s and a rotation speed of 90 degres / seconds, how should i calculate the parameters to send to both channel 1 and channel 2?


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4 years 11 months ago #29534219 by Gabriel_Isko
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You didn't specify the drive system that you are using. I am going to assume a differential drive, since that is what mixed mode is designed for.

In mixed mode, channel 1 is your throttle command and channel 2 steering your steering command. The controller will set each wheel to the throttle command and then add the steering command to channel one and subtract it from channel 2. Motor commands are bounded between -1000 and 1000. How the controller treats boundaries for the motor commands depends on the mixed mode you choose, however mixed mode 1 is recommended because it always maintains the steering speed of your robot.

Actually calculating how fast the robot will turn is beyond the scope of a forum post. Expect a FAQ about mixed steering mode, and an Application Note about Differential Drive kinematics on our motor controllers soon. You can reference this paper in the meantime.

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