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4 years 2 months ago #29534601 by guscmat
Hello I am trying to program one of yours brushed DC motor controllers in C++ using CANopen communiation. While reading your documentation on how to generate a CANopen message a couple of doubt about the data bytes came to my mind. In particular I do not know how should I write the variable that represent the data in a CANopen message.
Lets take for example the command EX (emergency stop), how should I know what is the right value to write in the data field? In addition to that I would also like to know how we can generate the data field of the command G, should it contain information about the speed and the channel at the same time?
I would really appreciate if for the above mentioned examples you could write down the entire CANopen message explaining me how can I write especially the data field.

One last thing: is it mandatory to state the correct number of unused Byte in the data field? Or can we always set n to zero?

Thanks a lot, bye


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4 years 2 months ago #29534615 by Gabriel_Isko
Replied by Gabriel_Isko on topic CanOpen Message architecture
You are looking for Section 17 of our User Manual . All instructions for CANOpen regarding our controllers is documented in depth in that section. Otherwise, you will have to refer to the offical CANOpen documentation.

Letting the CAN device know how many bytes are used in the message is mandatory for SDOs, and is part of the CANOpen standard, so to use our controllers with CANOpen, you will have to implement that. I would recommend finding a third party CANOpen library.

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