FBL2360A Setting Up SSI Sensor

4 years 11 months ago #29534638 by tewaineo
I'm trying to setup the RLS Orbis SSI sensor on channel 1 of the FBL2360A controller. P/N: BR10SCB14B12CD00 from here: www.rls.si/eng/orbis-true-absolute-rotary-encoder.
Originally had this setup running using the motor hall sensors connected as feedback, but am changing to an absolute sensor for better position resolution.
Connected 5V, GND, CLK +and-, and Data1+ and - to the hall connector per the datasheet.
Set Motor 1 closed loop feedback sensor to "other"
Set "SPI sensor" in sinusoidal settings.
In the "run" tab, hall counter 1 and hall speed 1 do not change when I spin the motor by hand.
Power is getting to the sensor, but the sensor is indicating there is no communication with it.
Disconnected the sensor and checked the controller clock output with an oscope, don't see any clock signal.

How do I make sure the controller is setup for communication with the SSI sensor?

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