Angle Sensor with MBL1660A

5 years 1 month ago #29534659 by MHH8240

I would like to use an angle sensor with the MBL1660A for field oriented control, the options are to use a SSI absolute encoder or a SIN/COS encoder. I have looked into absolute encoders such as the CUI AMT23, but from my own research and from other forum posts, it looks like the CUI encoders are not directly compatible with the Roboteq controller. Other encoders I have found seem to have the same issue, and are not directly compatible. I have a few questions.
1) Are there any absolute encoder or SIN/COS encoder models that you recommend, that are compatible with the MBL1660A?
2) Is there a way to set the rotor angle, without using the SSI interface or SIN/COS pins? For example, I have found angle sensors that output a single linear signal from 0-5V, but it won't work as a SIN/COS sensor since it doesn't output two sine waves. Can I use the controller's analog input and set it up as angle feedback? I don't see the option of setting it as angle feedback. I also do not see any commands to directly set the angle using MicroBasic.


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