Controlling Position Using Encoder

3 years 10 months ago #29534669 by jmpt65

I am attempting to use an encoder to control the position of my motor so that it oscilates between two set angles with a varying load. The encoder is being read by the controller as far as I can tell since when attempting to operate in "Closed Loop Position Tracking" mode, changing the Min Limit and Max Limit on the encoder changes the angle through which it rotates. However, The angle through which it rotates is never the expected angle based on the Pulses/Rev from the encoder. I would prefer to use "Closed Loop Count Position Mode", but when scripting in Roborun+ I get syntax errors when attempting to use the syntax !P [nn] mm such as !P 1 10000. I would very much appreciate any help you can provide with my issue. I am new to using any type of Roboteq device.

Controller: MDC1460
Encoder: AMT102- 1024

Thank you,

Jon Parman

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