Encoder Configuration IF there is a Gear BOX

3 years 9 months ago #29534681 by giovanni_cairoli
Hello everyone,

I have an encoder placed after a GEAR BOX 1:10.37. The encoder has PPR 2560, and so 10240 CPR. In simple words, if the motor is turning at 100 RPM the encoder is measuring 10 RPM. In this way I will measure the speed from 1RPM to 100RPM since the motor is rotating from 1 to 1000RPM.

I would like to use this encoders in a close loop speed, but I'm non sure about its configuration in Roborun.

A person suggest me just to put in the PPR Parameter: PPR/Reduction Ratio, So 247 instead of 2560. But I think that I lose in resolution, obtaining measurements multiple of 6, like 0,6,12,18 RPM and nothing in between.

Not considering this option I put PPR =2560, the right one and select the encoder like feedback mode.
In the motor configuration I put in Closed Loop Feedback Sensor: Other. RIGHT?
In the Sinusoidal Angle Sensor I left HALL sensors, is possible to put Hall+encoders? They are measuring different speeds and so in this way it doesn't work.

In order to have the right speed control loop I put in the MAX Speed(RPM) 100.

With this configuration it works. But I need suggestions because I'm not sure. Is there any way to manipulate the encoder measured speed and transform it suitable for the control considering the GEAR reduction?

In attached the configuration file

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Thank you very much, I hope to be as clear as possible.


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