Access configuration via CANOpen

5 years 1 week ago - 5 years 1 week ago #29534699 by maple
In both documentation (v1.8) and EDS file I can see most of the run-time commands and queries mapped to some objects in dictionary. However I could not find any way to access profile configuration via CANOpen. For example I would like to be able to configure analog inputs (AMAX, AMIN, APOL ...), closed loops (KP, KI, ICAP ...) and many other parameters via CANOpen SDO messages.

Are there some undocumented objects for this?

Or, maybe, there is some multiplexing object for access to configuration using those "hex codes" from documentation (like ICAP 32h)?

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #29535453 by intern_beyond
Like mr Maple 2 years ago, I'd like to be able to modifie roboteq parameters by a code, and more specifically closed loop parameters,
from an embeded system (an ST nucelo HZ43ZI2 card).

I am looking for the canOpen value equivalent to ^KPG, ^KDG, ^KIG.
I can only find the hexcode in the datasheet.  (expl : KPG hexCode = F0, KIG hexCode = F1 ...).

Is there any way to convert the hexcode into a CanOpen code ?

Thank youFor exemple : I currently have :

const short cROM          = 0x6060 ;
roboteqcontrol1.SDO_command(3, rbtq_cmds::cROM,0, &variable1) ;

 and that is working. 
This line allows me to modify the mode of operation of my motor on channel 1 during use. I'd like to find the value to replace my "????" there :

const short cKPG          = 0x???? ;
const short cKIG          = 0x???? ;
const short cKDG          = 0x???? ;

PS : I am using HDC2460 roboteq card and the firmware Roboteq v2.1 HDC2XXX 11/20/2020
The screen is linked is the KPG part from roboteq controller user manual v2.1, page 347.


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