SDC2160 forward/reverse power adjustment gain

4 years 8 months ago #29534766 by cgdase
I dont have this device on hand to test this. I plan to use a sdc2160 for a 12v dc motor. The power supply in my system is 24v. I see that the manual talks about a forward and reverse power adjustment gain. It says that this can be used to limit the output voltage to the motor for situations like running a 12v motor from 24v at VMot. I am wondering if the controller internally regulates the voltage down the the requested percentage before it applies pwm to the final output? Or does it just limit the final pwm duty cycle?

In other words, if I have 24v VMot and ask for 50% on this power adjustment setting, and then requested full power in open loop speed mode, would I see 12v DC across the motor terminals or would i see a 50% PWM duty cycle with 24V amplitude?

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