SR command resolution only 1 RPM

4 years 8 months ago #29534779 by kacox
I have an FBL2360 unit using encoder input for sinusoidal commutation. PPR = 8092, CPR = 32768. I operate the unit in closed loop speed position mode. The MXRPM value is set to 10 RPM. When I operate at low speeds < 1 rpm the ?SR command reports zero until I get to values >= 1 RPM, then it reports 100+. 100 is what I would expect to get for a commanded speed of 100 (1 RPM) with a max RPM of 10.Is it expected behavior to only report speed values > 1 RPM (or resolution of 1 RPM)? My encoder resolution should allow for higher resolution speed values. The documentation says that the reported speed is 1/1000 of the max. So I would expect to see numbers below 100 for reported speed.

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