RIOX extender board as a slave device communicating via RS485

4 years 3 months ago #29534851 by Rishabh

I am using RIOX Extender board as a slave device, connected to a Jetson Nano board. The Jetson Nano is supposed to send commands to RIOX via RS485.

During trial, I interfaced RIOX with PC, where a Python script is sending the commands. Two issue which came are :
1. When board was connected to PC while RS485 already sending commands from python script. The RIOX board hangs. ( On Plugging to power all LEDS glows and board freezes)
2. Now, first RIXO board is connected to PC and then script is ran. The board now responds to the commands. If the script is reading analog value and IMU then after few minutes board freezes almost everytime. May be the problem lies in RS485 getting confused in data that it is receiving and sending.
3. When I wrote a script in RIOX configuration utility, of sending command to run motor on one of the output Pin the board straightaway gets hang.

Please help me find where the issue lies.
Is the process done right of using RIOX as slave for my system, or the problem lies in commands set.

The command used by me are referred from the datasheet of the RIOX.

Any small help would be really appreciated.

Thank You

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