Torque limiting in closed loop speed control mode SBL1360

4 years 6 months ago #29534879 by andrew700andrew
Hi, is it possible to set torque limits in speed control mode? My application is driving robot wheels using an SBL1360 where the speed will need to be varied, however I am trying to minimise wheelspin and so would need a way to limit the torque going to the wheels. This would need to happen for both acceleration and deceleration (i.e. braking). I have seen that there is a current limit setting but the manual talks about limiting the power being applied to the motor and so this would suggest that it wouldn't work for torque limiting during regenerative braking. I have also seen the acceleration/deceleration parameters described in the manual but to me these seem like voltage slew rate limits rather than actual torque limits based on measurement of motor current. Please could you clarify which of these settings may be suitable or if a different approach is needed? Thank you

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