4 years 4 months ago #29534884 by zeethree50
Hello, I am writing a simple script that checks Motor Amps, then if the amps get too high, Motor 3 will Trigger and call the script. Basically all I am doing it saying if your amps go too high, go back to your resting position.

What's the problem?

The problem is that the script successfully runs, but after I lose all functionality of the rotator. I can't move it with the slider in Roborun+ UNLESS I brute force turn it off.

Why is this happening? Can you help?

Here is my code:

print("Starting... \r")

'Get Value of Amps from Motor 3 and set in the variable
RotatorAmps = getValue(_A, 3)

'If loop to check if Amps are under the required state.

If RotatorAmps > 7 then
setcommand(_G, 3, -200)
print("Motor turned off..\r")

print("Motor is good \r")

end if

goto top

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4 years 4 months ago #29534888 by SeMi
I'm not sure if this is a issue in your script. what RoboRun+ Version are you using and which firmware for the controller?
Since RoboRun+ 2.0 and firmware v2.0 we are having problems with the sliders too. As soon as we issue commands to the controller from an other source than RoboRun (in our case CAN and also Modbus) the sliders stop having any affect while all other (not tested all of them) still work.

@RoboteQ: any known issues on this?

regards, Sergio

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