SBL1360 with bipolar switching hall sensor

4 years 2 months ago #29534885 by yaso11
Hallo guys,

i am student from germany and currently working on a selfmade brushless motor. I want to operate the motor with the SBL 1360 Controller and with 3 Hall sensor in trapeziodal switching. The brushless Motor contains of 6 electrical Coils( 3 coil pairs) which are connected in a star Connection. The Coils are made of 130 windins and a copper wire with a Diameter of 0,75mm. The Hall sensors are placed between the Coils. On the rotor they are 4 Magnets 2 Northpol and 2 Southpol in a alternating order. For the power supply i am using a battery with 14,8 Volts.

So my Problem is that the rotor doesnt start by himself everytime and when it starts it will get very fast which i dont install in the configuration. Futhermore the Motor sometimes doesnt get any power which i can see in the run Operation of the roborun+. The latest Problem i am facing is that i dont get any Information about the hall sensor( hall counter, hall RPM and so on) in the run Option. I think they are many Problems with my set up. Maybe a reason could be that the Controller give me a Status led flashing pattern which says short detected and sometimes overheat.

I already tried different operation modes, changed the battery, checked the coils if they are damaged and changed the connetions of the 3 phases and the hall sensor connections. I also checked if the connetions of the 3 phases are switching and they arent but between GND and VMOT they are 16 Volts from the battery.

So is it a configuration Problem, is my Controller broken or something else ? Please let me know i appreciate your help.

Thank you in Advance


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4 years 2 months ago #29534890 by SeMi
Hi Yaso,

Did you try to first run it in open loop?

It's difficult to do position control with only hall sensors.
And as you know the number of pole pairs you should also configure it.
As soon as you want to do position or also speed control, the motor data has to match for the control loop to work properly.

regards, Sergio

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