RC failsafe using analog input as backup

4 years 5 months ago #29534914 by wstuck
I am using a closed loop position tracking system that has primary motor control signals coming from the default RC pulse in Pin1 and Pin2 using motor 1 and motor 2 respectively with feedback sensors 1 and 2 respectively.

The system works great as long as the pulse in Pin1 and Pin2 is active. The issue is only if the pulse in Pin1 and/or Pin2 data is lost or out of limits.

If the Pulse in signal _PI is lost or is out of limits can an analog input signal be used as a backup default signal for a known set value by adding the priority as pulse then analog in the setup?

From what I read it seems like the controller would look for a valid signal from pulse and if it could not find any it would default to the next priority data type. If you had present analog inputs that were also configured as motor commands would that work as a failsafe backup?

If not, what is the best RC failsafe for lost pulse in values or pulse in values that are out of limits?

Thanks for your help and suggestions,

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