Robot Tuning

2 years 10 months ago #29534918 by meat030
Robot Tuning was created by meat030

I have the MBL1660A with FW 2.01

My setup consists of a NEMA 42 Brushless gear motor (with hall effect and absolute encoders), a big 100Ah battery and the Roboteq controller (MBL1660A). Motor weights like 12 Kg. I have been running this setup just fine for over 2 years in closed-loop speed position. FW version 1.8d

Since switching over to v2.0 and 2.01, my motor no longer moves. any attempts at tweaking the PID makes it go crazy and jerks a lot! (like it is about to destroy itself)

even having value as P = 0 I = 0.1 and d=0 makes the motor jerk very violently.

Any tips on how I need to proceed?

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