Implementing FOC and tuning regulators

4 years 4 months ago #29534938 by antadros

I'm quite new to motor control methods and FOC especially. In my project I have to use Roboteq HBL2360a controller and implement FOC. I've read in manual that in order to use FOC two PI regulators should be tuned. However I can't figure out how to do it correctly. In manual there is two formulas:

Flux Proportional gain = Motor Phase Inductance(Henry) * Bandwidth
Flux Integral gain = Motor Phase Resistance(Ohm) * Bandwidth

So if I want to get exact values of Integral and Proportional gains I have to measure resistance and inductance with multimeter. Or there is no point in it and I just have to throw some random numbers and see what I get in a chart.

Thank you for answers!

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